We offer custom blending, chemical mixing, toll blending and packaging services to provide your company with the solution to its chemical needs. With modern filling equipment and production practices, our facility allows us to provide efficient filling, packaging and distribution of liquid and powder products. With reliable vendors, in-house graphic designing and silk-screening capabilities, we are able to produce and fill many unique and different sizes of packaging to help maintain your brand standards.

Liquid Chemical Blending, Filling And Packaging
  • Over 200 in-house industrial blending formulas
  • We can provide customized formulas to give you a blend tailored to your specifications and characterization, in your company’s packaging
  • Filling and packaging equipment:
    • 30 blending and storage tanks, ranging from 100 to 7,000 gallons
    • Automatic filling equipment for 16 oz to 2.5 gallon bottles
    • We are proud to announce the introduction of a high efficiency 5 gallon pail filler for our customers. This filling equipment provides capability of packaging 8-10 pails per minute
    • Inventory and quality control


Powder/Granular Packaging
  • Capable of handling various powder products:
    • Laundry
    • Food service
    • Custom industrial blends
  • Filling and packaging equipment:
    • 2,000 Lb. ribbon blender
    • Semi-automatic filling equipment of 1 lb. to 9 lb. jars
    • We are proud to announce the introduction of a bulk super sack holder with automatic auger filling equipment. Capability to efficiently and accurately fill 8 oz to 10 lb containers
    • Inventory and quality control


Additional Information
  • EPA registered facility
  • Our facility ensures that we have the equipment necessary for any kind of custom blending job.
  • Can produce custom-blended, privately labeled chemical compounds in a range of packaging sizes, in lots ranging from short runs to multiple truckloads
  • Packaging service for liquid chemicals ranging from 16 oz to tanker quantities
  • Services available on different schedules, from one-time custom jobs to longer-term contracts to mixed batches at predetermined intervals for repeated shipments.
  • Blending service of your formulas and quality control to meet your standards


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Allied International prides itself on continually building a reputation on two principles:

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  • Understanding our customer’s specific needs
  • Commitment to fulfill those needs with superior products and services at the best available value
  • 42+ Years experience
  • 50+ Chemical Products
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